The Hows and Whys of Eye Lifts

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As we age, parts of us start to get saggy. There is unfortunately nothing we can do to stop this process; however, in the absence of gravity-defying serums or tablets, we still have an effective option: plastic surgery. One of the easiest and most effective cosmetic surgeries undertaken to defy aging is an eye lift, also known as blepharoplasty surgery.

Eye Lifts

The eye lift procedure removes excess skin, muscle, and fatty tissue from around your eyes — from the bags under them to the droopy skin on the eyelids — to make your eyes look brighter and more visible. An eye lift is an excellent way to correct the constantly tired or upset appearance that can come along with sagging eyelids.

While most folks get the procedure to give their face a fresher appearance, it has also been known to help people whose vision has been impaired by excessively sagging eyelid skin. In these cases, it is considered a functional procedure, and as a result, part of it may be covered by your health insurance.

Good Candidates

If you are over the age of 35 with good overall health and are not ill, you are an excellent candidate for an eye lift. It is also important for you to have realistic expectations regarding the results of the procedure – if you expect your eyes to look like they did when you were twenty, then you may be dissatisfied for the procedure.

An eye lift can give you a confidence boost and help you look more naturally alert and youthful. The surgery’s effects are significant, providing rejuvenation for five to seven years on average.

How Is This Surgery Performed?

Depending on what you discuss with your plastic surgeon, and which eyelids you have planned to modify, the surgery can go a couple of different ways. Patients may be interested in recontouring a single eyelid, both top lids, both bottom lids, or all four lids. For the procedure, you will receive local anesthesia and an IV sedative.

The most common way to work on the upper eyelids is to create an incision at the natural line between the eyelid and the area below the eyebrow. We then remove excess muscle, fat, and tissue before closing the incision with minute stitches that won’t create post-surgical marks. These stitches will come out in three to six days.

When working on the lower eyelids, we create a surgical incision, either inside the eyelid or on the outside at the lash line. We then remove fat from inside the lower eyelid to reduce puffiness, following by closure of the incision with stitches.

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An eye lift is certain to make you look more youthful, a quality that can enhance outer beauty as well as confidence and self-esteem. Experienced board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Stagnone has performed eye lifts for numerous satisfied patients and will be happy to tell you more about the procedure.

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