Nipple reduction surgery can reduce a large and over-projecting nipple with a very discreet incision and a scar that usually is barely perceptible. The procedure is performed by telescoping the nipple inward after removing the outer layer of skin from along the length of the nipple, leaving the tip or dome intact. One superficial incision is made circumferentially right at the base (where the nipple meets the areola) and another superficial incision is made right under the dome or tip of the nipple.

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This allows the precise and delicate removal of a very superficial ring or “sleeve” of skin between the two incisions. The peeled nipple is then pushed in (like a telescope) and sutured into position. This type of nipple reduction shortens the over-projecting nipple in length and corrects “sagging”. It does not change the diameter or width of the nipple. With this procedure the nipple duct system is left intact and there is still a possibility of retaining the ability to breast feed in the future.

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