The Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas offers a multitude of breast surgery procedures utilizing the latest and safest surgical techniques. If you're interested in any type of breast surgery we offer, please give our experienced plastic surgeon a call at (972) 661-5077.

Breast augmentation surgery involves the placement of the implant either under the pectoralis muscle or on top of it. There are many implants to choose from and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If your breast implants are causing you issues, our plastic surgeon Dr. Rachel Walker has extensive experience in the correction of breast implant related problems and complications.

breast lift, or mastopexy, is a method of removing excess skin to address sagging breasts.

You can also combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation, also known as a breast lift with implants, a breast augmentation with lift, or augmentation mastopexy. It restores volume while decreasing sag and increasing perkiness.

A little bit of asymmetry is natural, however, an extreme amount can be embarrassing. Our plastic surgeon is experienced in correcting breast asymmetry using various surgical techniques.

If your breasts are pendulous, heavy, or otherwise cumbersome, a breast reduction might be right for you. The surgical incisions are identical to a breast lift, however, with a reduction, a significant amount of breast tissue is removed in addition to the skin. This procedure almost never requires removal of the nipple, just repositioning, and in most cases sensation and function remain intact.

Nipple reduction surgery can reduce a large and over-projecting nipple with a very discreet incision and a scar that usually is barely perceptible.

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Breast Surgery Pain Management

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