Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures in Dallas, TX

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Options

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Am I a Good Candidate for Facial Plastic Surgery?

Facial plastic surgery may not be major surgery but it is an important experience and we want it to be successful. This goal begins with your good health.

Before seeking facial plastic surgery, take any measures that are necessary to boost your body's ability to heal. If you smoke, quit. If you could benefit from a healthier diet or from supplementing your diet, talk to your doctor about the best way to go about this.

When you consult with Dr. Walker about your desired procedure, you can expect a thorough review of your medical history and current health. This is fundamental to your outcome and long-term results. Likewise, your expectations will set the stage for your overall satisfaction with the results of your procedure. Your consultation will also involve meaningful discussion about your desired outcome and Dr. Walker's expectations in terms of results. Here, we prioritize the end result by taking our time at the beginning of your treatment process to ensure that we are on the same page. 

What Are the Benefits of Facial Plastic Surgery?

The various facial procedures that are performed today can acheive a broad range of improvements. A facelift can eliminate jowls and creases around the nose and mouth. An eyelid lift can get rid of undereye bags or heavy upper eyelids. In the bigger picture, though, facial plastic surgery restores a more youthful appearance overall, which can translate into you feeling like your best self again. 

Can I Combine Multiple Procedures?

Yes! It is quite common for people to combine multiple plastic surgery procedures.

When combining facial rejuvenation procedures, the benefit is that you can acheive more profound results with just one recovery period. Having a facelift and eyelid surgery at the same time, for example, refreshes both the upper and the lower regions of your face. You look younger without losing your natural attractiveness and also without having to schedule an extended period of time off. 

What is the Best Age to Have Facial Plastic Surgery?

Facial plastic surgery is not solely related to rejuvenation. Some procedures are performed to correct anatomical imperfections and can be done in early adulthood.

When assessing your candidacy for facial plastic surgery, Dr. Walker will evaluate your skin elasticity and firmness, and overall health, not your age.

According to recent studies, adults who have facelift surgery or other facial rejuvenation procedures to correct the more subtle signs of tissue atrophy enjoy longer-lasting results than those who wait to correct facial aging. 

How Do I Know if Facial Plastic Surgery or an Injectable Treatment is the Right Option?

As a result of advances in various modalities, we have multiple ways to address the signs of facial aging today. Surgery offers the benefit of long-term results but requires some downtime. Injectables offer the benefit of convenience but only achieve temporary results.

Your choice in treatment ultimately comes down to your goals and preferences.

Sometimes, the best option is to take a surgical and non-surgical approach that achieves more comprehensive rejuvenation. Dr. Walker is happy to discuss all of the treatments that could work toward your cosmetic goals, including their benefits and limitations. Having all of the pertinent information about each option, you should find your choice to be relatively easy. 

I Had Botched Facial Plastic Surgery from Another Surgeon, Can Your Team Help?

We understand the disappointment that you must feel about a dissatisfying plastic surgery experience. To correct the issues that concern you will take a delicate approach.

Revision plastic surgeries require the utmost care. Often, it is necessary to accept an improvement that isn't 100 percent.

Dr. Walker uses extreme care when addressing poor outcomes from previous plastic surgery. After a detailed consultation and examination, she can discuss how to best address your concerns so you can feel good about your appearance again. 

Everything You Wanted to Know About Facial Plastic Surgery

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Facial Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

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