Body contouring is a challenge for the average person. To achieve the goal of having a six-pack or sculpted, lifted backside without some help is a massive feat. This is why procedures like liposuction are so popular. If you've been trying to sculpt areas like the abdomen or buttocks and aren't seeing the results you'd like, please don't blame yourself. These are incredibly big goals and most people have only a limited amount of time to devote to their fitness routine. Getting treatment to assist with the process of body contouring isn't lazy; it's smart. We are proud to offer EMSculpt Neo in our Dallas office as a part of our uncompromising dedication to optimal results for every patient.


What is EMSculpt Neo?

EMSculpt is the first-of-its-kind body contouring treatment. Where other nonsurgical body contouring devices target unwanted fat, EMSculpt targets the muscle. The EMSculpt Neo device uses High-intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology on abdominal or buttocks tissue, two areas in which muscle tone is vital to overall body shape. The EMSculpt Neo device is made to acheive specific goals. These include:

  • Tone glutes or abdominal muscle
  • Build muscle in abdomen or glutes
  • Burn excess fat in abdomen or glutes

When exposed to high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves, muscles engage in what are called supramaximal contractions. When treating the abdomen, these contractions occur from side to side, encompassing the entire abdomen. According to clinical studies, four treatments can increase muscle tone by 16% and reduce fat by about 19%. These effects result in a more sculpted abdomen, a lifted, toned buttocks, or both, depending on the patient's treatment choice.

What Areas of the Body Can EMSculpt Neo Treat?

EMSculpt Neo was designed to treat the abdomen and the buttocks areas. Recently, the device manufacturer has expanded its scope of treatment with special contouring panels to treat the arms, inner and outer thighs, and calves.

What Happens During an EMSculpt Neo Treatment?

An EMSculpt Neo treatment focusing on one area takes just 30 minutes. Patients may schedule appointments to include multiple areas. We can discuss the expected duration of the appointment at the time of booking. An EMScupt treatment involves sitting or lying comfortably with a small applicator strapped to the targeted area. The device is programmed to deliver high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to the area, which flexes the muscles at 300 times their natural capacity. To bring this into better perspective, a single EMSculpt Neo treatment is like doing 20,000 crunches or squats without doing any of the heavy lifting. While you relax comfortably, the device does the work for you. The involuntary muscle contractions have the same endorphin-releasing ability as a good workout as a secondary effect to the muscle toning that is achieved.

Does EMSculpt Hurt?

Twenty thousand crunches or squats in thirty minutes? That must hurt! This number of contractions is impossible in an hours-long workout session for the average person, but its not a problem at all for the EMSculpt Neo device. Still, does it hurt? It does not. When the device first begins to deliver the HIFEM energy, patients can expect an odd feeling. Some patients instinctively giggle or laugh, but they do not express pain. The muscle contractions are happening at such a deep level and are occurring so quickly that the sensation is much different than one might expect. During the brief treatment, patients can sit back and relax, read emails, scroll social media, listen to music, or chat with their provider.

What People Say About Us!

I love Dr. Walker’s office! She’s amazing, and is so warm, professional and detailed in her approach. Her office staff is super friendly, which honestly, matters a ton in today’s world. Excellent patient experience and would highly recommend.

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How Long is The Downtime? When Can I Exercise?

Going back to the standard representation of exercise, if you were to engage in a very strenuous workout, you may have to take a day off from that area. With EMSculpt Neo, this isn't necessary. The HIFEM technique of forcing supramaximal muscle contractions may even bypass the release of lactic acid that is common with rigorous exercise. With that in mind, patients can plan accordingly and even consider attending their yoga or spin class the day of their EMSculpt treatment.

When Will I See Results from EMSculpt Neo?

Patients can expect to feel their EMSculpt Neo results before they see them. It's an interesting sensation, the feeling of tighter, stronger muscles without visible evidence. However, the cosmetic gains of EMSculpt Neo build gradually and can be seen as soon as two weeks after treatment. Keep in mind that muscle tone increases over time, so the results of EMSculpt Neo can get better for up to several weeks.


How Many Sessions of EMSculpt Neo are Needed?

The number of EMSclupt sessions a patient needs will depend on their current body contours and their goals. We will say that EMSculpt Neo is not a one-session wonder. Patients will need at least two treatments, and as many as six thirty-minute sessions to achieve the kind of results that resemble clinical studies. Sessions are scheduled every two to three days until the end of the recommended program. After that, another two sessions may be scheduled for six to eight weeks out.

How Can EMsculpt Neo Results Be Maintained?

EMSculpt Neo is not a replacement for a consistent workout program. It might be the best boost, though. After completing the perfect EMSculpt Neo treatment program for your needs, your normal workout routine and healthy dietary habits should successfully support ongoing results. You can also schedule touch-up EMSculpt treatments every few months to power-charge your healthy lifestyle.

Scheduling a Consultation

EMSculpt Neo can achieve exciting results! To learn more about this innovative body contouring treatment, contact The Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas at (972) 661-5077. Dr. Rachel Walker is passionate about providing each patient, surgical or nonsurgical, with unparalleled care. We look forward to meeting you.

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