Cellulite is one of the most common problems that we hear about. Just in the last few years, a variety of potential solutions have emerged. Cellulite is tricky and vastly misunderstood. It's viewed as a "fat" problem that might be solved with liposuction. It's viewed as a "weight" problem that must be addressed with a strict diet and exercise regimen. In reality, cellulite is its own condition that has more to do with the fibrous bands that hold the skin than how much fat you have on your body. This understanding of the true cause of cellulite has led to some exciting developments in the beauty world! We're pleased to offer Avéli cellulite treatment in our comfortable Dallas office.

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What is the Cellulite Procedure?

Avéli is a mechanical cellulite treatment that is performed using a sophisticated handheld device. This device features a light, a hook, and a blade. To sever the septae that are pulling on the skin, your provider inserts the small device through tiny incisions. The light illuminates the skin from underneath and shows the provider the proper depth in which the fibrous bands are found. The hook on the device catches on one band at a time. When hooked, the band can then be severed quickly with a blade that protracts with the push of a button. Once the band is severed, the blade retracts back into the device, and the hook is moved across the area to confirm that the skin has been released from the septae. The entire procedure is performed using a local anesthetic, so you don't have to worry about pain!

What Conditions can the Cellulite Procedure Treat?

The Avéli procedure performed very well in clinical trials to treat cellulite dimples on the buttocks, hips, and thighs. It is performed to smooth dimples away. It does not treat excess fat or skin laxity, two conditions that often occur alongside cellulite.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Treatment?

It is important to be in good health to achieve the best results from this cellulite treatment. When you consult with us, we'll spend time listening to your goals and concerns, and will also perform an examination of your skin and tissue around the cellulite dimples. If you have good skin elasticity and minimal laxity, you may be an excellent candidate for this convenient office procedure.

What is the Recovery and Aftercare for the Procedure?

The treatment is performed using a local anesthetic. There is no need for sedation, so you can drive yourself home after your appointment. You can perform most of your normal activities but should refrain from strenuous lower body exercise for two weeks. Examples include biking and running. Expect mild to moderate bruising to develop after your treatment. The area that has been treated may also feel tender to the touch for a few days. Don't be alarmed if you notice seepage from your insertion points. This is a normal side effect that may occur for one to two days. In addition to gently cleansing the skin each day, you should also apply SPF 30 sunscreen to the area if it will be exposed to the sun.

How Long will the Results of my Procedure Last?

The results of Avéli cellulite treatment are not immediately noticeable. This is due to the swelling and bruising that can occur after the procedure. During week two, after the swelling and bruising start to go down, you can start to see less of the bumpiness that had been present before. According to clinical data, the full results of this cellulite treatment usually occur about 90 days after the procedure is done. At that point, most patients report their appearance as "much improved" or "very much improved". To date, clinical study participants have been followed for several months. At the three-month mark, participants continued to report satisfying improvements. Because the fibrous septae are severed, the results of treatment are expected to last two or more years, similar to other treatments that are performed using the same mechanics.

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