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Breast Revision & Correction Dallas

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Dr. Stagnone has extensive experience in the correction of breast implant related problems and complications. Some corrections simply involve selectively expanding an incomplete pocket and replacement of implants with those of a more appropriate size.

More complex approaches are necessary for over dissected pockets or those which have stretched and become distorted by the breast implant, which is a common problem with very large implants. Simply stated, very large implants cause more tissue distortion and complications over time and repairs may require breast lifting, skin tailoring, downsizing or the internal modification of the pocket, removing internal scar tissue and suturing tissues to tighten and reshape the pocket from the inside.

Corrective surgery is less predictable and often requires the patient accepting compromises to restore a more normal appearance such as implant downsizing, but each case is different and a detailed consultation is necessary to determine your best options.

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