What is a Brachioplasty?

Arm lift (brachioplasty) removes excess skin that hangs off the back of the arm, best judged with the arms held up to the side at right angles (sometimes referred to as the the “stick up” postion).

Brachioplasty or arm lift is very effective in correcting the loose, hanging skin following weight loss or with aging skin.

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Candidates for Arm Lift Surgery

Before and after brachioplastyThe best candidate has relatively little fat and a bothersome amount of skin that hangs and “waggles” with movement. If the arm is heavy with fat, liposuction may be a better option. When both problems coexist (obesity and laxity), staging may be the best option since liposuction leads to more swelling which can compromise the amount of skin removed. Even more problematic, extensive liposuction combined with brachioplasty can cause problems with circulation as the arm swells from liposuction against skin that is tightened by the lift, acting like a tourniquet. In these cases it’s often best to have the liposuction first, let it heal completely, then proceed with the skin removal for the optimal result.

Scarring after Arm Lift Surgery

In the patient with loose skin and little fat, the procedure involves the tradeoff of a visible scar for the removal of the problematic skin. This scar can fade very nicely but will always be present, extending from the armpit to the elbow on the inner aspect of the arm.

I find that we can demonstrate a pretty realistic result during consultation by drawing the pattern on the skin with a water color and pinching it together under no tension.

After looking at before and after pictures of other patients, this demonstration helps decide if this procedure is right for you.

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