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Liposuction removes  troublesome, diet-resistant collections of fat to reshape your body. Individuals can exercise and reduce body fat yet still find themselves with the same stubborn bulges. Liposuction can permanently re-contour annoying areas of localized fat. A re-contoured body can still gain weight but usually not in the disproportionate bulges, since those cells have been permanently removed, making liposuction one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries available. The results can be remarkable, even though your total weight may only change a little.

What is SAFELipo®?

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SAFELipo is an innovative fat reduction and fat re-shaping method. Utilized by an experienced practitioner like Dr. Walker, it allows for highly efficient fat removal while preventing damage to surrounding tissue, and it prevents the divots and dimples associated with contour irregularities.
The SAFE in SAFELipo stands for separation, aspiration and fat equalization:

  • Separation of the fat targeted for removal. Using a particular type of probe, fat is separated from its attachments to the skin and to other fat cells. The instrument does this without generating heat, so tissues are protected from damage. Blood vessels are left intact and unharmed.
  • Aspiration of the loosened, emulsified fat. The separated fat is suctioned away. The fat was broken down in the separation step, so its removal is easier and less traumatic.
  • Equalization of the remaining fat layer so that the skin is smooth and even. Fat equalization is one of the most advantageous aspects of SAFELipo. Using the probe, Dr. Walker redistributes the remaining fat across the treatment area, creating a smooth, blanketed layer of fat beneath the skin. This step significantly reduces the risk of uneven results.

SAFELipo is an innovative device that makes liposuction more efficient by preparing the fat for removal. Because the fat is separated and somewhat emulsified, removing it is less traumatic to the surrounding tissues. It’s also easier to remove the disrupted fat with gentle suction.

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How does SAFELipo work?

SAFELipo works similarly to traditional liposuction: Long, narrow instruments called cannulas are used to break apart and suction fat away. SAFELipo also utilizes a specific type of probe, with a tip that separates the fat before aspiration.

What are the benefits of SAFELipo?

We offer this technology because we have seen the real benefits it offers our patients. These benefits include:

  • Dramatically lower risk of contour irregularities, in which fat in the treatment area appears uneven and bumpy
  • Reduced post-op bruising and pain
  • Faster recovery
  • Minimal incision size
  • Can be performed in conjunction with other procedures

While traditional liposuction performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon most often produces beautiful results, contour irregularities are not uncommon. It is caused by an uneven distribution of fat left behind after the procedure. It may present as divots, lumps, asymmetry or uneven tissue. Revision liposuction is often necessary in these situations. SAFELipo prevents contour irregularities, by design. SAFELipo is also a great option to revise irregular results from a previous liposuction.

The only way to know if it will benefit you as an individual is to consult experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Rachel Walker. Dr. Walker is personally committed to helping each of her guests find the cosmetic treatment plan that will produce the results they’ve been dreaming about. After meeting with you in a consultation to discuss your goals, Dr. Walker will determine whether SAFELipo or another procedure will produce the results you want to see.

What People Say About Us!

Dr.Walker performed Safe Lipo on me. I am now 2 weeks post op and I am absolutely pleased with the results. I had no complications during surgery and my recovery was way easier than I anticipated. Dr Walker is a genius! She is an artist! From my initial consultation to my most recent post op follow up, her staff has been respectful, informative and all around great! I highly recommend her. Don’t waste your time with anyone else. See Dr. Walker for your cosmetic surgery needs. She’s the greatest!

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Who is an ideal candidate for SAFELipo?

Candidates for SAFELipo are at or near their ideal body weight. If you are still actively pursuing significant weight loss, it is best to wait until you have reached that goal. Liposuction in general is not a weight-loss method, but instead removes stubborn fat that remains.
If you are in generally good health and want to eliminate stubborn deposits of fat, then you are probably a good candidate for SAFELipo.

SAFELipo treatment areas

Treatment areas include:

  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen
  • “Love handles”
  • Neck
  • Face
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Waist

Why choose SAFELipo over traditional Liposuction?

Dr. Walker believes in finding the right treatment options for the individual. SAFELipo can be a great option for people interested in liposuction because it is a less invasive, highly effective fat removal method. If for some reason another liposuction method will work better for your body and your goals, Dr. Walker will inform you of those other methods.
SAFELipo is a great option because it causes less bruising and significantly reduces the risk of irregular results.

What results should I expect after SAFELipo?

Unwanted fat is reduced with this procedure. After the healing and recovery process is complete, you can expect the targeted fat cells to be gone. The treatment area will be smoother, flatter and tighter.


Will I need time to recover after SAFELipo?

SAFELipo will lead to some necessary downtime. Recovery time will in part be influenced by local vs. general anesthetic, which will be discussed during the consultation.
You’ll be able to go home the same day as the procedure, once you’ve had some time to rest at our office. Most people go back to work within a few days. You’ll feel sore for 1-2 weeks, and the area will be swollen for roughly 8 weeks. We will go over the exact timeline with you in advance of your surgery, and you will be provided with printed instructions to take home.

Will I need a follow-up visit after SAFELipo?

Yes, all surgical procedures include follow-up appointments with Dr. Walker. During your follow-up, Dr. Walker sees how your recovery is going, how the treatment area is healing, and makes sure you are on your way to great results. We will have scheduled this appointment with you when we schedule your surgery day.

What are the potential risks of SAFELipo?

SAFELipo has risks similar to those of traditional liposuction:

  • Uneven results (although as discussed, this risk is highly unlikely with this procedure)
  • Scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Delayed healing
  • Seroma

Dr. Walker works closely with her guests to find the right procedure for their goals.

Contour Your Body with Liposuction

If you live in or around Dallas, Texas, and are interested in traditional liposuction or SAFELipo, please contact us to arrange an appointment. Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Rachel Walker is personally committed to helping each of her guests achieve the results of their dreams.

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