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Med Skin Care Dallas

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Medically guided skin care is a highly effective way to improve your skin. Medical skin care goes far beyond department store creams and moisturizers. The daily application of physician prescribed or dispensed skin care products can be used alone or in combination with light or medium chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatments. All of these treatments help even out irregular skin pigmentation and improve fine wrinkles and surface irregularities. Acne is generally improved, too. The end result is smoother, firmer skin with a healthier glow. Medical skin care greatly enhances the results of facial cosmetic surgery.

Non-surgical enhancements which complement skin care include Botox®, Restylane®, Laser hair removal to permanently reduce unwanted hair, and micropigmentation. All of these services are offered at The Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas for improvements with little or no down time.

Topix Skin Care Line

The Topix skin care line smells good, applies smoothly, doesn’t affect makeup application, is highly effective and very inexpensive. We’ve tried a number of slickly packaged, overpriced products. They all seem to work equally well but some are “greasier” and many have “scents” that aren’t for everyone. Most involve multiple steps and just aren’t convenient. We believe in simple, cost effective skin care program with a good cleanser followed by a high potency glycolic acid or Vitamin C containing product which applies invisibly. Moisturizer is optional depending on your skin. Sunscreen is a must. Retin-A is highly effective, too. We will design the most simple program possible to effectively improve your skin. These products are potent and are only available through a physician.

Skin Care Options

DHR – We have this cream specially prepared by a California pharmacy. It contains a very high potency bleaching cream (10% hydroquinone) to improve blotchy brown pigment and to lighten dark scars. It’s mixed with Retin-A to accelerate the bleaching effects and cortisone to sooth the skin, since this is very potent.

TOPIX PRODUCTS AND RETIN-A – As we age our skin thins and weakens. The outer layer of cells gets drier and begins to “cake up”, creating a duller, paler look. It’s almost like dust collecting on furniture. Topix skin products and Retin-A free up the dry adherent cells helping to reveal the deeper, shinier layer. The dull hue is gradually replaced by a younger “rosier” surface appearance. Additionally, these products thicken and rejuvenate the underlying collagen, much like weight lifting affects muscle fibers. The results continue to improve for many months. Ultimately the skin tightens and fine lines soften. It’s important to stick with it. The peak effects takes time and the benefits gradually fade when skin care is discontinued.