Laser Hair Removal has been in the news a lot lately and has become to preferred way to eliminate unwanted hair. Unlike waxing or shaving, the results are long lasting or PERMANENT and unlike electrolysis, vast areas can be treated in one to three sessions.

The most popular areas are the back, chest and neck for men and the underarms, bikini area and facial hair for women. Initially the best candidates for laser hair removal had to have dark hair and light skin but newer technology allows hair removal for people of all skin types and hair colors. Since the laser works by releasing its energy into dark pigment, those with dark tans should let them fade before the treatment, or some of the energy will be absorbed by the skin instead of the hair. The best time for laser hair removal is when tans have faded.

Most people want to know if laser treatment hurts. The laser produces a sensation like the light snap of a rubber band. Most people find it tolerable, but for those who find the treatment uncomfortable, a topical anesthetic cream can be used.

All lasers for hair removal are NOT the same. The lasers with higher power and longer contact time appear to offer the best results and are the most likely to result in permanent hair removal. Our laser is called GentleLASE and is an Alexandrite laser. It sprays a cooling mist on the area right before the laser is activated, which cools the skin during treatment, allowing much more powerful and effective treatment. GentleLASE is FDA cleared for permanent hair reduction in all hair and skin types.

Laser Hair Removal with the GentleLASE is available at The Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas. Treatments are performed by a highly trained nurse under the supervision of Dr. Stagnone.

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