Mommy Makeovers: How to Get That Body Back

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Carrying and delivering a child is by far one of the most extraordinary things a woman’s body can do. The ability to nurture and synthesize human life is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Perhaps it is due to the magnitude of the event of birth that the transformation the body makes during pregnancy ends up being so extreme. Your skin stretches as though it is pliable rubber, and you put on weight in certain parts of your frame. Your body swells and then shrinks, and for many women, it is never exactly the same.

Getting a body back to its pre-pregnancy state, or something approximating it, can be a difficult if not an impossible task for many women due to physiology. However, the desire to get that pre-baby body back never goes away and can make women feel a lack of confidence or self-esteem.

Thankfully, there are ways to get that pre-pregnancy body back with a little bit of effort and surgical skill. Want to crest over the plateau that you’ve hit during your post-pregnancy workout? Consider a Mommy Makeover!

Mommy Makeovers are a series of cosmetic packages and procedures customized to individual clients to help them get to a post-pregnancy body they are truly satisfied with. Want to know about procedures that can be included in your Mommy Makeover? Read on!

Breast Reduction

Breast reductions are great procedures to consider if your breasts have swelled up a lot during your pregnancy and the time you were breastfeeding. A breast reduction helps correct this problem by removing the excess tissue, restoring your breasts to their former size.

Breast Lift

The swelling of the breasts during pregnancy followed by breastfeeding can make them sag regardless of the preventive measures one takes. Breast lifts are good procedures for women who want to make reshape their sagging breasts to make them more perky and youthful.

Breast Enlargement

If your breasts have shrunk after breastfeeding and you would like to restore their volume, a breast enlargement can work wonders. This procedure is carried out with the help of breast implants.


Even if you manage to work off all the fat after a pregnancy, you might still be left with a lot of loose skin, especially on your abdomen. This loose skin not only looks ungainly but can end up causing skin issues as well. An abdominoplasty is a procedure that removes the excess skin around your abdomen to give you a sleeker, more streamlined midsection.


For the stubborn bits of fat that persist on your frame after you’ve worked diligently at exercising them away, there is liposuction. Liposuction suctions the fat out of problem areas like your abdomen and hips to aid with contouring. This is particularly useful if you’re trying to shift that last pound of baby fat that doesn’t seem to want to budge.

Lower Body Lifts

Pregnancy and childbirth can often have distressing, and drooping, effects on women’s rear ends and lower bodies. For a perkier buttocks, hips, and other lower body parts, lower body lifts are effective at tightening and toning, making you look instantly younger.

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