They Say ‘Things are Bigger’ in Texas…But, the BIG Trend in Breast Implants is Smaller

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When breast augmentation first started gaining momentum, women were opting for large, dramatic-looking breast implants (think Bay Watch babes). Today, however women want a more natural-looking result for breasts that look less obviously surgically enhanced. The extreme look is out, and the more natural look that makes you feel and look more self-confident is in! Along with this comes a new perspective on size. Cup size is already highly subjective, and bra sizes are not standardized among bra manufacturers (try buying a bra at Victoria Secrets if you don’t believe it!). Women want results that are flattering and proportional, and more modest implants carry a higher likelihood of meeting that goal.

The new trend in breast implants is smaller and more natural. Victoria Beckham, Heidi Montag, and Pamela Anderson have all had their implants downsized (reportedly) and this trend is catching on with ‘everyday women’.

Women thinking about breast augmentation have a large selection of breast implant sizes to choose from. A more natural look can be obtained with smaller breast implants, which can increase size while maintaining a more modest and natural look. While this trend has become more popular lately, there will still be those that decide to go for a smaller implant and regret that they didn’t go slightly larger. After your consultation with Dr. Stagnone, which includes specific measurements of your breast we try on implants, including different sizes that may be in play as well as the possibility of different “projections” of implants.

So, what is the right size implant for breast augmentation? This is truly a very personal choice and everyone has their own opinion. Silicone gel implants come in a range from the smallest being 100 cc, to 800 cc’s (measured in cubic centimeters). Deciding between the different sized implants can be based on several factors, like the current shape and size of your breasts, the body type and the kind of look you are trying to achieve, i.e. a “more natural” look, or possibly a “rounded more fake” look, very subtle or vaa-vaa-voom!

Dr. Stagnone has performed over 4000 breast surgeries (with the majority being breast augmentations) and the patients with the highest level of satisfaction with their post-surgery results are typically women who go into the surgery with realistic expectations, and the desire to enhance their appearance for themselves, not someone else. Women who get pressured into larger implants by a significant other or friends can sometimes regret the decision and may seek more surgery in the future to change their implant size to what they originally wanted!

Women seeking a more natural and younger look to their breasts may consider a smaller implant. These are ideal for “filling out” clothing and swimsuits without being flashy and alerting other people to the notion that surgery was involved. The smaller implants also can restore breast volume lost because of breast feedings or pregnancies, bringing the breasts back to their original contour and size. Women who haven’t had kids choose small breast implants too, seeking a more natural look through their smaller size.

Benefits of smaller implants – In addition to this new “trend”, there are many advantages to choosing a smaller implant for an augmentation; including:

  • Appear more natural and therefore may fit into an established lifestyle more easily
  • Not as noticeable, so ideal for those who are seeking a change without unwanted attention or comments from family, friends or co-workers
  • Less obtrusive than larger implants which may slightly alter daily activities or choice of clothing (but still filling out clothing, bathing suits, etc. better)
  • Athletic patients find they can continue without interfering in a more active lifestyle (runners, crossfit, golfers, etc.)
  • Less chance of having undesirable changes in the breast in the future from the weight of the implants

Disadvantages of smaller implants –

  • The main drawback about smaller implants is that patients sometimes regret that they didn’t go bigger. This actually ends up being the number one reason why people choose to re-do their breast augmentation surgery.

Whether your mindset and choice in size is “go big, or go home”, or “great things come in small packages”; we will help in the process by spending whatever time necessary to try on the sizers to help you with your decision.

If you are considering breast augmentation (or changing out your existing implants) call The Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas at (972) 661-5077

By the way, our patient coordinator Valerie has had breast implants for over 30 years. She has had silicone implants, saline implants (now back to gel implants) as well as bigger and smaller implants. Dr. Stagnone recently replaced her 18-year old saline implants with the new cohesive gel implants. She is very happy to speak with you.

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