Do You Have the Best Nose for Your Face?

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Having a good looking and attractive face is all about having the right proportions and excellent symmetry. The nose plays a huge role in your facial symmetry because it is the focal point of your face and helps to bring it into balance.

The size, position, and shape of your nose has a huge impact on how your entire face looks. If your nose is out of balance with the rest of your features, however, your whole facial aesthetic can be affected. That’s why people often consider rhinoplasty as a way to improve specific aesthetic problems with the nose.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Simply put rhinoplasty is a cosmetic nose surgery that can allow you to change the shape of your nose. Rhinoplasty can be done to either change the shape of your nose to make it more appealing or for medical reasons, to improve the function of your nose in case of any issues like breathing problems. It is also done to fix any nose disfigurement due to birth defects or trauma.

The Procedure

Once you have decided to get a rhinoplasty done, you should consult with your plastic surgeon and explain what you are looking for in detail. Remember that your appearance will be changed with a nose job so it is important to set realistic expectations before the procedure takes place. Not every surgery is the same Also, there is no perfect nose. Your surgeon will explain the procedure and the results to you in detail.

A rhinoplasty is normally done as an outpatient procedure. You do not have to stay overnight at the hospital. A rhinoplasty can be done either under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Once you are sedated, your plastic surgeon will start with incisions in your nostrils.

If you are going for a major transformation or if it is the case of an extreme issue, the surgeon may have to cut across the base of your nose. He will then reshape the inner cartilage and bone of your nose to either solve the problem or to give it a more appealing shape.

Post-Operative Care

After your rhinoplasty is done, you will usually have to wear a nasal splint for at least the first week after the surgery. As it is an invasive surgery, you can expect some bruising and swelling around the eyes and nose area.

It will slowly heal, and the bruises will fade away within two to three weeks. Your nose will also have some swelling but this is temporary and should subside quickly. Once you have fully healed, the final results of your surgery will become apparent and your nose will look much more symmetrical to the rest of your face.

As is the case with most other invasive surgeries, it is recommended to avoid extremely strenuous activities for at least four to six weeks after your rhinoplasty. You should also ideally take an off from work for at least three weeks and let your nose heal and your body recuperate. After a few weeks, you can easily resume your regular activities without having any obvious signs that you have gotten a nose job done.

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A rhinoplasty can help fix aesthetic and functional problems with your nose and give your entire facial appearance a more symmetrical and beautiful appearance. If you’re interested in learning more about the surgery, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gregory Stagnone today!

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