Breast-Implant Placement In Relation To The Chest Muscles

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Breast augmentation, a popular plastic surgery procedure which is more commonly known as a boob job, is one of the most common plastic surgical procedures in the world for women. It can help enhance the size of your breasts to make them appear fuller and firmer. The change in appearance can help greatly boost a woman’s self-confidence.

One of the most important considerations to make regarding a breast augmentation is where to place the breast implants. Apart from the size of your implant, the type of implant, and incision location, this is an important factor that you and your surgeon will have to think about. Depending on the final result you wish to achieve, the breast implant placement will differ accordingly.

The chest muscle plays an important role in relation to the placement of breast implants. Apart from providing extra soft tissue coverage so that the implant will look more natural, it can help in shaping the upper portion of your breasts by giving it a sloped, natural look.

You have two options when it comes to implant placement – subglandular placement (over the pectoral muscle) or submuscular placement (under the pectoral muscle). We explain both these placements in detail below.

Subglandular Placement

If the subglandular placement is chosen, the implant is placed directly underneath the breast tissue. This means that the implant is inserted between the breast tissue and the chest muscle.

A great deal of women are under the impression that you cannot breastfeed with implants. This, however, is a misconception. The implants are placed below the glands and does not affect your ability to breastfeed.

For this implant placement, the surgical procedure is much simpler, which means a shorter recovery period and minimal discomfort. If you want larger breasts that look better in your favorite clothes, then this type of breast implant placement is a good solution for you.

The drawback, however, is that if you place your implant over your chest muscle, it results in a rounder, more augmented appearance where the upper part of your breast is not sloped. But some women may prefer this, so it’s a matter of choice.

Submuscular Placement

In submuscular placement, the breast implants are placed under your chest muscle. Here, the muscle provides support to the implant, reducing the weight your skin has to carry. The main advantage is that it results in a more natural breast appearance where the upper portion of your breast is sloped. This is because both the chest muscle as well as the breast tissue provide coverage to the implant.

If you wish to undergo a breast lift along with the breast augmentation procedure or plan to undergo a breast lift in the future, submuscular implant placement is a good choice since blood flow to the nipple is better preserved.

After the surgery, your new breasts may sit higher than they are supposed to. This is because the muscles need time to completely relax. In some cases it may take around six weeks to see the final results of the procedure.

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