Relieve Crow’s Feet and Other Facial Wrinkles with Botox

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Developing facial wrinkles aren’t simply tied to aging alone, but are also triggered by a number of external and internal factors. There are several significant factors that accelerate the appearance of facial wrinkles and crow’s feet, and without the proper treatment, they can degrade your appearance and cause you to look much older than you would like.

Facial Muscle Contractions

When the muscles underneath the corners of the eyes or those between the eye brows contract, wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear. These furrows deepen with repeated contractions, including those caused by frowning, smiling, and squinting. As time progresses, gravity and repetitive expressions lead to the formation of drooping eyelids and jowls.


Youthful skin is highly elastic, but with age, it will began to degrade in elasticity. The supportive mesh of collagen and elastin loosen, creating gaps that appear as dermal depressions on the surface.

Overtime, the skin’s ability to retain moisture dwindles, and skin hydration is further affected by the limited secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands. The combination of all these factors leads to more visible wrinkles.


Smoking can cause an adverse reaction to the skin’s moisture. When compared to a non-smoker, the skin of a smoker shows the signs of aging much earlier. The chemicals in cigarette smoke can degrade collagen production and blood circulation, two essential components in ensuring healthy and elastic skin. The result is the accelerated appearance of wrinkles.

Damage Caused by the Sun

Soaking up the sun’s rays is vital to living healthily, but in large quantities, the harmful UVA and B radiation can trigger pre-mature aging. Radiation triggered premature aging is known as photoaging. Photoaging is the result of damaged collagen and elastin by UV radiation.

On a cellular level, when UV radiation comes into contact with the skin, an enzyme called metalloproteinase is produced. This enzyme catalyzes the production of new collagen. In the process, a substantial amount of healthy collagen is destroyed and can lead to the formation of solar scars.

Treating Crow’s Feet and Wrinkles With Botox

Of all the available treatments available to treat wrinkles and crow’s feet, botox is the most effective. Botox is a toxin that is delivered in healthy doses to relax contracted muscles. As a result, it relieves the superficial wrinkles responsible for your aged appearance.

The botox treatment is quick and effective. You can receive an injection in as little as 15 mins. The effects last for a limited amount of time, but they are long lasting. The effectiveness of botox is what makes this treatment incredibly popular. The deepest grooves on the skin can be raised in one sitting.

There are minimal side effects in using botox. There may be slight redness, but it will quickly disappear. You will make a good candidate for the treatment if you are in good health and have realistic goals. Botox isn’t highly invasive and does not pose any restrictions after the treatment. You will be able to return to your normal activities immediately.

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