Nasal Surgery Can Reshape Your Nose

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Having a balanced and symmetrical facial appearance is important for attaining the most aesthetically pleasing appearance possible. Achieving the ideal symmetrical appearance in your face depends highly on the shape and position of your nose.

If, however, your nose is not appropriately shaped or positioned on your face, you can improve your facial aesthetics with the help of an experienced plastic surgeon.

Reshaping the Nose with Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty is an effective plastic surgery procedure that is primarily performed to reshape or restructure the nose. The procedure can either make the nose appear larger, smaller, or more angular depending on your specific requirements.

Additionally, when reshaping the nose is not a requirement, the angle of the nose in relation to the lips can be altered. If there are bumps, they can be smoothened. It can also correct indentations and alter the tip of the nose.

Your surgeon will begin by first making an incision in the nose in order to get to the underlying cartilage and bone. The incision will be strategically placed to limit its visibility. When the shape of the nose has to be reduced, a section of the cartilage or bone is removed depending on your requirements.

Alternatively, tissue can be added to increase the dimensions of the nose. The added tissue can either be synthetic or extracted from your body. After reshaping the cartilage and bone, the overlaying tissue and skin is draped over. A supportive splint keeps the newly shaped nose in place until the healing process is completed.

Rhinoplasty Results

The expected result of a rhinoplasty is an enhanced facial appearance that appears more symmetrical. Through the process of nasal cartilage or bone replacement, your surgeon can achieve either one or multiple of the following:

• Redefining the bulbous tip of the nose
• Correcting a crooked nose
• Smoothing a bump on the nasal bridge
• Making a wide nose more narrow
• Trimming down the length of a long nose to a more appropriate size
• Fixing a broken or crooked nose
• Decreasing the size of the nose
• Removing breathing difficulties caused by blockages in the nasal passages

Redefine Your Face with a New Nose

The results of a rhinoplasty can vary from drastic to minor depending on your individual needs. Before undergoing the procedure, it is essential for you and your surgeon to agree on the expected results. You must be realistic about the results possible.

Since the effects of the procedure cannot be reversed, you must understand the outcome and be sure you’re ready. A rhinoplasty is generally not performed on patients under the age of 18, but exceptions can be made depending on your needs.

In any case, you will need to schedule a consultation with an experienced surgeon to begin the process.

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