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The nipples and the surrounding area, known as the areolas, play a role in the overall look of the breasts. If nipples or areolas are large, small, asymmetrical, or sagging, it can affect the balance of the breasts and make women feel self-conscious about how their breasts look. Additionally, certain irregularities of the nipples may cause patients physical discomfort as they rub against clothing or underwear. To address these issues, women will want to book a consultation visit with Dr. Rachel Walker of the Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas, TX to discuss options such as nipple reduction surgery.

What is nipple reduction?

One way in which women can change the appearance of their breasts is with nipple reduction. Women with large nipples may find that they make them incredibly uncomfortable as they rub against their bra or clothing. They may also find them to be too noticeable in situations where they may be wearing a swimsuit or other revealing outfit. Nipple reduction can be done in cases like this by Dr. Rachel Walker, who can not only reduce the size and protrusion of the nipples, but the pigmented skin around the nipples as well. This can be done to address large or asymmetrical nipples and areolas.

Who is a candidate for nipple reduction?

Nipple reduction isn’t just for women—in fact, men who have conditions such as gynecomastia may desire to have their nipples and/or areolas reduced at the same time as their breast reduction. Patients are evaluated during their initial consultation with Dr. Rachel Walker, where she can learn more about the goals patients want to obtain and can make appropriate recommendations based on the information provided. She wants patients to make an educated decision regarding their appearance.

Learn more about nipple reduction

If you are ready to speak to a provider in the Dallas, TX area about nipple reduction or other breast procedures, call for Dr. Rachel Walker at Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas. Her Dallas, TX area practice offers a wide range of facial and body procedures to improve appearance and self-confidence in men and women. Call (972) 661-5077 to request a consultation at 6190 LBJ Freeway, Suite 500.

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