The Strip SMASectomy Method Achieves Amazing Results

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The signs of aging begin to show up in many different ways on people. In fact, these signs vary from person to person. Some individuals start to display visible signs of aging at younger ages while others develop them at much later periods.

Either way, losing one’s youthful appearance is unpleasant. Most of us want to look as young as possible. Moreover, for people who are actually young, looking old can feel like a curse.

Fortunately, there are cosmetic procedures that can help fix this problem. If you’re a young person suffering from premature signs of aging, you can choose from a range of facelift procedures. There are a quite a few of them out there and each one serves a specific purpose.

One such facelift method is a Strip SMASectomy. This method offers near-permanent results and is highly effective in terms of eliminating wrinkles and fine lines. Also, it works on almost every type of skin.

Strip SMASectomy Explained

The “SMAS” in SMASectomy stands for “Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System”. This layer gained significance as part of the facelift procedure in the 70s. Manipulating the SMAS layer is a standard part of the face-lift procedure. Modifying this layer provides near-permanent and satisfying results.

In fact, if you’re someone with a heavy face, a Strip SMASectomy would be the ideal choice.

The procedure involves removing a strip of the SMAS layer. After that, the corresponding edges are sewn together internally. This offers great support to the facial tissues.

The Procedure

SMAS is the facial muscular system that aids in making facial expressions from smiling to frowning. A lot of the signs of aging are actually the result of such expressions. So manipulating the SMAS layer can minimize the appearance of these aesthetic problems.

The procedure generally begins with the administration of general anesthesia. Once sedation is achieved, an incision is made on the targeted area, which is determined by the surgeon. This could include areas inside the ear, regions beneath the earlobe and behind the ear, or from the temple curve in front of the ear.

After the incision is made, the flap of skin is lifted to reach the SMAS layer. After this, the surgeon frees the fatty layer on top of the muscle to a certain extent and then trims away all the excess tissue. Then, he will secure the rest of the tissue to create a more youthful look. The securing of tissues is achieved by creating two layers of sutures. The exact kind of sutures used are heavily dependent on the patient’s facial shape and structure.

The next step involves re-draping the skin. This is where the surgeon’s skill is put to the test. A bad re-draping can lead to an unnatural look. But if your surgeon is skilled and experienced enough, you can expect fantastic results. So make sure you’re working with someone you trust has had success performing the surgery.

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The doctor you work with determines what your end result will be like, so it’s best to work with someone who has extensive experience performing the surgery and most importantly, someone you feel comfortable with. If you’re interested in undergoing strip SMASectomy with a skilled plastic surgeon who has years of experience, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gregory Stagnone.

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