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Silicone gel breast implants are the preferred choice of most women for breast augmentation. At The Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas, over 96% of our breast augmentations utilize silicone gel implants. Why? They look and feel more natural than saline implants.

Silicone gel breast implants come in pre-filled sizes (from 100 cc’s to 800 cc’s) and a variety of “profiles,” from a conservative, subtle “classic” implant to an aggressive and anything-but-subtle “ultra high profile.” Most patients choose somewhere in between these two extremes with a Moderate-Plus or High Profile implant (of these, our office is about 50/50).

Silicone breast implants were declared to be safe by the FDA after extensive studies and brought back to the market in November 2006. If you still have saline implants, you may want to inquire about switching over to the silicone implants.

Implant manufacturers describe the volume (size) of an implant in cc’s (cubic centimeters). Many patients come in asking for “C’s,” “D’s,” etc., and while bras are manufactured this way, implants are not.

During the initial consultation, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Stagnone will sit down and chat with you about your thoughts for bigger, fuller breasts. He wants to know if you’re looking for a subtle, natural result, or possibly something more dramatic, or even a “WOW” vaa-vaa-voom difference. This conversation, along with detailed measurements of your breasts, will allow us to fit you with implants that “fit” your body.

One of our patient coordinators will help to “size” you with a fitting bra and implants so you can see and feel what your new breasts will look like. Often, women joke that they don’t want to give up the “sizers,” but we assure them that getting their own implants is much, much better!

For more information on silicone gel breast implants or breast augmentation, please call the office or schedule a consultation with Dr. Stagnone.

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