The Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas was developed around the central concept of patient education and preparation for high quality cosmetic surgery. With so many bewildering choices and conflicting media reports, we feel that we can best help you by thoroughly detailing your options and defining the benefits and tradeoffs associated with each of your potential choices.

Our Patient Education System

I. Telephone Consultation and Information:

Our Staff is highly trained and experienced and will take the time to give you detailed and accurate answers to all of your questions by phone to establish the possibilities. Call us at (888) 418-4016 or email us at [email protected] for any questions you may have.

II. Complimentary Staff Consultation:

If you feel that you are not quite ready for consultation with Dr. Stagnone, we invite you to gather information and see the possibilities with our computer 3D imaging specialist, appointment coordinator, or clinical nurse at no charge. Most of the staff has undergone cosmetic surgical procedures by Dr. Stagnone and are pleased to demonstrate the results in private and discuss the process “patient to patient”.

III. Before and After Catalogues:

Often, seeing the results others have obtained can help you better decide if a procedure is right for you. We have a vast collection of pictures of before and after results of all cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures performed by Dr. Stagnone. This is also complimentary and may be combined with your Vectra computer 3D imaging.

Click here to learn more about our innovative simulator tool, Vectra 3D, to further assist you and the doctor during your consultation.

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