What is BBL® HERO™?

BBL HERO is an advanced broadband light treatment that many call the gold standard in IPL therapy. The FDA-cleared device directs quick pulses of light through the uppermost layers of the skin, where energy accumulates in vascular and pigmented lesions. As light is absorbed by the pigment, a biological process is set into motion to disintegrate clumps of pigmented cells. Shortly after the BBL HERO treatment, the pigmented cells begin to fade away as healthier cells replace them. The procedure is suitable for most skin types. Our provider will perform a thorough assessment of the skin to ensure BBL HERO can achieve the desired outcome safely and comfortably. Call (972) 661-5077 today to learn more or to speak with Dr. Rachel Walker about our BBL® HERO™ procedure!

What is BBL® HERO™ Used to Treat?

There are many cosmetic concerns that respond well to BBL HERO treatment. It is generally used to treat the various signs of aging and sun damage, including the different types of hyperpigmentation that may develop on the epidermis. Discoloration from freckles, sun spots, rosacea, and vascular conditions lightens as broadband light targets the pigmented cells. Treatment can also eliminate telangiectasia, tiny visible veins, and cherry angiomas, which are red spots on the skin. The treatment is an excellent therapy for facial rejuvenation, as it may reduce the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone. That said, it is also applied to the neck, chest, arms, hands, legs, and other areas where hyperpigmentation and sun damage have occurred.

What are the Benefits of BBL® HERO™?

The BBL HERO treatment has been designed for comfort, efficacy, convenience, and results. The treatment does not require the use of a topical anesthetic so can be done in well under an hour. The ultra-fast pulses of broadband light permeate the skin with amazing precision, incurring profound tissue regeneration with no downtime. The primary post-treatment guideline patients are given is to avoid sun exposure for one to two weeks after their BBL HERO treatment.

How Long Does a BBL® HERO™ Treatment Take?

Being up to 4x faster than traditional BBL treatments, the BBL HERO process can be performed on the entire body in about half an hour. Each treatment zone takes mere minutes, so you may be in and out of the office in less than 20 minutes if we're treating only a small area like the face or the chest. For your BBL HERO appointment, your provider will supply you with glasses or goggles to protect your eyes. The handheld applicator is passed over the treatment area, where it blasts bursts of high-intensity light. During the first pass, the device targets pigmentation and vasularity. On the subsequent pass, it works to revitalize tissue and stimulate collagen production. After your session is complete, your provider may apply sunscreen and moisturizer to protect and soothe your skin.

How Soon Will I See Noticeable Results?

Changes in skin tone and texture begin immediately after treatment but it can take one to two weeks to see the evidence of tissue remodeling. Over the course of the few weeks after treatment, the skin begins to look more radiant as dark spots fade away (after initial darkening). Texture also looks and feels smoother over time as new collagen floods the upper layers of the skin. Older patients may notice even more profound results after two weeks as vascular lesions and brown spots break up and get recycled by the body. Fine lines around the mouth, nose, eyes, and forehead also soften for two to four weeks. Some patients schedule multiple BBL HERO sessions to achieve more significant skin rejuvenation.

How is BBL® HERO™ Different from Other Broadband Light Treatments?

There are a few key differences between BBL HERO and previous BBL treatment platforms. One is that the newer technology is up to four times faster than older devices. Additionally, the BBL HERO device is built to deliver three times the amount of broadband light power to the skin, all while remaining more comfortable than standard IPL and BBL treatments. The primary purpose of the BBL HERO device is to correct the appearance of hyperpigmentation caused by aging, sun damage, and other factors. The higher rate of intense pulsed light is achieved through parabolic optics, which supports the most uniform, consistent results.

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