Is Laser Hair Removal Really Better Than Waxing?

Laser Hair removal Finding a truly long-term hair removal solution can be difficult. Even though waxing has better, smoother results when compared to shaving, in just a few weeks, the uncomfortable itch of regrowing hair comes back. The cost, time, and inconvenience begin to add up over time.

Laser hair removal may help you address all those issues. Learn how laser hair removal works and how it compares to waxing.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Specialized lasers target the hair follicles specifically. The light from the lasers damages these follicles by heating them. After a few treatments, the damaged hair follicles slow or cease hair production altogether.

How Laser Hair Removal Compares to Waxing

Laser hair removal may be better than waxing in key areas important to most people.


While waxing times will vary, you can typically expect sessions to last anywhere from half an hour to up to an hour. Depending on the areas you have treated with laser removal, your session can take just a few minutes. Even for larger areas, a laser hair removal session may last up to 90 minutes.

Laser hair removal times may be comparable to waxing or, in some instances, be far quicker and more time-efficient.


While some may be accustomed to the pain of waxing, even after multiple sessions, the truth is that it can hurt. Laser hair removal, however, may cause discomfort but is rarely painful. Certain lasers, such as the ones used at the Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas, are pain-free.

Duration of Results

You can typically count on the smooth results of waxing for just a few weeks before the skin becomes prickly again. However, it may be possible to achieve permanent results with laser hair removal.

If hair returns with laser hair removal, the regrown hair tends to be finer and thinner than before.

Find Laser Hair Removal in Dallas, TX

At the Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas, you can expect expert laser hair removal methods to be administered to ensure proper results. With years of experience in providing exceptional results, the Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas team is ready to answer any questions and provide support.

To work with the Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas, call 972-661-5077 to schedule a personalized consultation.

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