Enhance Your Facial Symmetry With Chin Implants

chin implants While diet and exercise can alter your facial features, typically, the results aren’t as noticeable as you’d like them to be. For some, the goal is to create a prominent chin, yet even with months of effort, the goal is not met.

To truly enhance your chin with substantial changes, your best option may be to use chin implants. Chin implants can increase the size and prominence of your chin and, if performed correctly with a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon, may be able to significantly enhance your facial symmetry.

Learn more about how chin implants and facial implants as a whole can help you meet your aesthetic goals.

What Do Chin Implants Help With?

Chin implants can augment the chin area to help differentiate the chin from the neck, better define the jawline, and may help create a slimmer facial profile by lengthening the face. Implants can also address receding chins caused by conditions such as mandibular retrognathia, which causes a pronounced overbite. In these instances, chin implants may help strengthen weakened chins.

To learn if chin implants can help you specifically, make sure to speak with your doctor.

Are Chin Implants the Only Type of Facial Implant?

Aside from your chin, implants can help augment other areas of your face. The jaw and cheeks can be enhanced through the use of implants to add more volume or create a desired effect.

Which implant is best for you depends on your facial goals. Though you may desire one type of implant, another one may be better suited for your goals. That’s why it’s incredibly important to work with not just an experienced surgeon but one who understands aesthetic proportions to help you achieve your preferred outcomes.

Get Facial Implants in Dallas, TX

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rachel Walker has years of experience helping people achieve their beauty goals. Dr. Walker and her team are driven to create a comfortable, safe, and results-oriented experience for all of her patients.

At the Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas, you can expect to have your questions answered and any worries soothed. To help envision your results, the Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas may utilize their complimentary computer imaging to demonstrate how your procedure may affect you. In preparation for your surgery, you will be provided with an information pack. Along with that, the team will be available to answer any questions.

To work with the Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas, call 972-661-5077 to schedule a personalized consultation.

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