Summer Skin CareThere is no denying that the summer season is a favorite to many, with plenty of sunshine, balmy temperatures, and warm summer nights. Nonetheless, the scorching weather can bring unwelcome damage to your skin if you don’t take appropriate skin care measures. Dr. Rachel Walker regularly reminds clients that while summer may be an opportunity for rest and recreation, it shouldn’t mean forgetting about caring for our skin!

This is an important time of year to take stock of your skin care regime and swap out products more suited for warm weather demands. Here are three recommended edits to make to your summer skincare routine:

1. Don’t Skip the Cleanser

While you might be spending summer poolside or at the beach, swimming is not a substitute for washing and cleaning. Summertime sweat is unavoidable. Cleansing at least twice a day with a gentle cleanser can help remove layers of sweat and avoid clogged pores and breakouts.

2. Lighten up the Moisturizer

Seasonal dryness is less of a problem this time of year, compared to winter months. Because of this, consider swapping out your daily moisturizer. A lighter, hyaluronic acid-based moisturizer will help maintain your skin supple and hydrated without the extra oil or weight that your cold-weather moisturizer might.

3. Crank up the SPF

It’s no secret that sunscreen is a summer must-have. But your favorite SPF might not be enough to shield you from the summer sun. Make sure you up your SPF game, opting for a minimum of SPF 30. You should refresh your sunscreen every two hours when outdoors. And don’t forget about protective gear like sunglasses and hats in direct sunlight—they can help keep UV radiation at bay!

If you feel like your current skin care routine isn’t cut out for the summer heat, Dr. Walker offers her own specially curated line of skin care products. During your consultation, you will review your skin concerns and current routine. Dr. Walker can recommend a custom skin care routine for summer—and year-round—to keep you looking and feeling your best. Schedule your appointment with our Dallas, Texas, clinic by calling 972-661-5077 or visiting us online at

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