The Recovery and Healing Process After a Breast Lift

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The success of a cosmetic procedure is as reliant on the aftercare as it is on the skills and expertise of the surgeon. This is especially true in the case of breast-lift surgery, as the recovery period will determine how the breasts look over time.

It will be important to understand how to care for the incisions, manage any pain and swelling, and know which activities to avoid during healing. Presented here is a guide to recovery and healing after breast-lift surgery.

What to Expect During Breast-Lift Recovery

Because a breast lift is an invasive surgery, some degree of discomfort is expected afterwards. In the 72 hours following the surgery, light to moderate pain is common. In most cases, pain is minimized through prescription pain medication such as non-narcotic analgesics. In a few cases, nausea is triggered by the waning of anaesthesia.

In addition, depending on the healing, women can shower after 72 hours. During this time, the breasts may appear full on top and flattened at the bottom. The shape will correct over time, and it is common to experience tightness in the breast skin.

A Week After Surgery

At this time, there is a noticeable alleviation of pain, but swelling and bruising remains. Depending on the patient’s recovery, they may be recommended to return to work and partake in light physical activity such as walking. Intense physical activities such as running or lifting heavy objects are off limits.

Two Weeks After Surgery

Performing daily activities becomes easier by the second week. The patient will notice that the incision marks are healed completely, and they are cleared to take regular baths. Exertion and intense physical activities are still off limits.

Four Weeks After Surgery

Patients are cleared to resume their normal exercise routine. Care should be taken to avoid chest-targeting activities such as tennis or golf.

Six Weeks After Surgery

Six weeks marks the completion of the recovery process. By this time, bruising, pain, and swelling are significantly reduced. The patient can get back to their full exercise regimen, sleep on their sides or stomach, and resume wearing an underwire bra.

Tips for the Recovery Process

Recovery after a breast lift can be shorter and more comfortable when the patient follows Dr. Stagnone’s instructions as closely as possible. The patient must take pain medication as prescribed by Dr. Stagnone. Other directions to expedite healing include:

• Coming to the post-operation follow-up appointments
• Refraining from showering until cleared by Dr. Stagnone
• Wearing a compression garment throughout the recommended period
• Resting
• Keeping hydrated and eating healthily
• Refraining from removing bandages on one’s own
• Changing one’s sleeping position. It is highly recommended that the patient sleeps with two to three pillows to ensure that the head is elevated.
• Avoiding all forms of physical exercise and any other movements that can make the breasts bounce

The recovery process is unique to each person. While some may experience heightened sensitivity after the operation, others may experience numbness. Healing from incisions also varies. During this period, it becomes very important to maintain a positive outlook.

In a few cases, women may experience intense pain in the breasts during the first menstrual cycle after surgery. Some patients may also experience sporadic pain and tenderness for several months.

What Should I Do Now?

If you have breast sagging and asymmetries that make you feel insecure, we suggest that you arrange a breast-lift consultation by contacting our office. During your consultation, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Stagnone will perform a thorough evaluation of your breasts and will recommend the proper course of action.

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