The Coronal Brow Lift Technique

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Do you sometimes look into the mirror just to find that your forehead skin droops unpleasantly down to your eyes? If your answer is yes, you may begin to feel insecure about your appearance and lose your confidence. If this sounds like you, then it’s probably time to think about getting a brow lift.

What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a plastic surgery procedure that involves removing excess skin and tissue from the forehead area and lifting it up by pulling the skin back to provide a firmer and younger looking facial appearance.

A forehead with fewer folds, lines, and wrinkles can take off years from your face and make you look much younger than your actual age. It will allow you to feel more secure in your own skin and rejuvenate your confidence. With more confidence you’ll feel happier and ready to tackle any social interaction you find yourself in without worrying about the way you look.

There are various types or forehead lift techniques, but the most popular and effective technique is a coronal lift. Your surgeon will talk to you about your goals and analyze your body to determine how to best help you accomplish your goals.

The Coronal Brow Lift

A coronal forehead lift is more commonly known as an open or classic forehead lift and involves one big incision along the entire forehead, behind the hairline, after which the full skin flap of the forehead is lifted to remove excess skin and tissue. The muscles are then pulled and tightened.

The brows are also lifted and excess skin and tissue will be cut away. The flap is then closed to heal. It can take up to two hours to perform this procedure under local or general anesthesia depending on your preferences.

What Will Make You a Good Candidate?

If you’re ready to undergo a brow lift, you must first visit your plastic surgeon to help you determine if you will make a good candidate for the procedure. During your visit, your surgeon will analyze your body as a whole and determine if it is right for you.

He will talk to you about the procedural process and go over your medical history. You must be free of any serious medical conditions and ready to follow any instructions given to you. These instructions may include ceasing the use of any tobacco products and medications that may affect the surgery.

The Benefits of a Coronal Brow Lift

A coronal brow lift involves one big incision behind the hairline without the use of an endoscope. The amount of time it takes to recover varies depending on the intensiveness of the surgery. You can expect to feel some discomfort, but it will subside in time. If you it is too uncomfortable, your surgeon will provide you with the proper medication.

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Contact our office to learn more about the benefits of the coronal forehead lift. By scheduling your consultation with Dr. Gregory Stagnone, a board-certified plastic surgeon, you can be sure to receive the guidance and care you need to achieve your desired results.

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