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Poor lifestyle habits, genetics, age, and exposure to harmful outside factors can cause wrinkles and fine lines to appear. They can make you look aged, tired, and haggard. As a result of these changes, one may begin to feel insecure about their appearance and experience a significant decrease in confidence. With a botox treatment, however, you can eliminate these early signs of aging and rejuvenate your youthful allure.

Botox For Erasing Wrinkles

Botox is composed of a bacterium called clostridium botulinum. It produces a neurotoxin that when injected in controlled quantities, can relax the muscles and give the skin a smooth and wrinkle-free look. The treatment is quick and effective and provides results that may last for three to four months.

Botox is an FDA approved formula that is safe for use in a myriad of different skin types. When the compound is injected into the designated areas, it starts to disrupt the nerve impulses on the face in the targeted facial muscles. This blocks the signals from the brain to these muscles that cause them to contract. In the long run, this prevents the formation of wrinkles.

This is taking into account the fact that wrinkles and fine lines mainly occur because when the skin ages and loses its elasticity, constant facial contractions result in permanently leaving lines on the face.

Everything You Should Know About Botox

If you are looking to undergo a botox treatment to fix the wrinkles on your face, here are all the facts that you should know about it:

• In addition to cosmetic corrections, botox can also be used for some therapeutic applications in certain medical conditions.
• A diluted version of the botulinum neurotoxin in the right dosage is injected in designated locations to improve the look of the skin.
• The neurotoxin starts working within one to three days after the injection. After this period, once the synaptosomal activities are blocked, you might start observing more noticeable effects.
• The most common areas that can be corrected with botox are lines around the eyes, space between the eyebrows, and lines on the forehead. These areas show visible long-lasting effects.

The process is pretty quick. It simply takes a skilled medical professional and the accurate administration of the injections in the right spots. The effects can last for three to six months depending on the way the facial muscles respond to the injection. The time for which the effects last would also be altered by the overall lifestyle habits.

There is no specific way to use Botox. The number of spots chosen for injecting the compound, the number of sessions required on the whole would differ from one candidate to another. Once the effects start wearing out you could simply go for getting Botox again and reap the benefits of the injection all over again.

If you choose a reliable clinic and an experienced professional to administer Botox, you would be thrilled to observe the results it can give. This is the main reason why the number of people opting for and benefitting from botox is rising steeply day after day.

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