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Brow Lift Dallas

(See also Eyelid and Facelift)

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As a normal part of aging, the forehead relaxes and the eyebrows descend. As a result, the upper eyelids begin to rest on the eyelashes and the skin folds appear more prominent. A tired or stern look may be seen even when you’re in a good mood. Blepharoplasty can improve this by simple skin removal, but a browlift may be a better solution in many cases.

During a browlift the forehead skin is freed up to allow it to be lifted vertically and the muscle which causes scowling is partially thinned out to soften the frown lines. Brow lift corrects the upper eyelid skin excess, brow wrinkles and the eyebrow position. Usually the result is a much happier expression in addition to a more rested appearance. The tissues can be freed up in such a manner as to allow a significant amount of elevation of the cheeks too, and for the late thirty to early forty-something patient this can mean a significantly younger appearance with virtually undetectable incisions.

Browlifts can be performed by three different methods: endoscopically; via a hairline incision which does not elevate the hairline; and the coronal approach which allows the incisions to be completely hidden in your hair. Individual variations in anatomy as well as goals help guide the decision regarding which approach is best.

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