My Daughter & I recently underwent breast augmentation surgery by Dr. Stagnone. I found Dr. Stagnone by searching the Internet and reviewing his gallery. There was no comparison to his results and other doctors period. His work is truly a work of art and that is what I was looking for. Great Results & Great Patient Ratings along with the credibility & experience helped me decide on Dr. Stagnone. I knew instantly, that this was why I had waited 12 years! Dr. Stagnone & his Wife have built a wonderful Environment. We were very comfortable with him & his staff immediately. Overall, Dr. Stagnone has qualities that not many Doctors have these days. His staff is great! They are all very upbeat,friendly & genuinely care about people. They made us feel like family, and that’s not a feeling you get very often in medicine these days. You can tell a lot about a doctor by his staff, and Dr. Stagnone’s staff is a great reflection of his Personality and Philosophies.