I just had a breast lift done by Dr. Stagnone about 3 weeks ago. I have wanted to do this surgery as long as I can remember and every year I would consult many plastic surgeons but I always come back to Dr. Stagnone. Before surgery I interviewed many plastics surgeons and none of them spend the real time with me as Dr. Stagnone did. First, he was very honest with me and pointed out important facts to me even though it wasnt what I wanted to hear them. He answered all my questions about the scars, procedures, pros and cons of getting the augmentation with the lift, etc. His staff is excellent and caring. I have seen his works and I was extremely impressed. Now 3 weeks later after my surgery, the results are magnificent, and I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. I am so happy with my breast lift and cant wait for my next surgery, breast augmentation. I definitely recommend him to everyone. Dr. Stagnone, you are truly an artist. THANK YOU for your work of art.