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If you have unusually shaped nipples or nipples that are out of proportion, Dr. Rachel Walker of Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas understands how this can impact your self-confidence. Both men and women can deal with unusually large or misshapen nipples and areolas. Our practice is willing to help, with nipple reduction and other breast procedures available at our office.

What is nipple reduction?

Nipple reduction is a cosmetic surgery used to balance and improve the appearance of the nipples in both men and women. The procedure is done quickly and easily in our office under local anesthetics to correct the size, shape, and overall look of one or both nipples with inconspicuous scars for a more pleasing final result. Nipple reduction can be done in conjunction with other breast procedures available at our office, including:

  • Breast reduction – breast reduction is preformed to make the breasts smaller, and is best for patients with larger breasts that inhibit their ability to participate in certain activities such as sports or running. It involves the removal of fat, breast tissue, and skin to create a more pleasing shape and size to the breasts.
  • Breast augmentation – women who want to enlarge their breasts or address lost volume of the breasts may ask Dr. Rachel Walker about breast augmentation procedures. These procedures involve the placement of a breast implant to increase size and volume.
  • Breast lift – women with deflated or sagging breasts due to age, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations may benefit from a breast lift, which removes excess skin and brings the breasts to a more youthful position on the chest. This procedure may also include moving the placement of the nipple, which in turn can be reduced and improved at the same time.

Call Dr. Rachel Walker today to discuss your options

It is important that you feel and look your best for improved self-esteem and confidence. If you are struggling with large or irregularly shaped nipples, or want to discuss the variety of breast enhancement procedures available at Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas, call today to make an appointment. The office is located at 6190 LBJ Freeway, Suite #500 and can be reached telephonically at (972) 661-5077.

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