Increase Your Breast Size With Breast Augmentation Surgery

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A breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a procedure that is commonly used by women who want to improve the contours of their breasts. The procedure typically involves the use of saline or silicone implants or a fat transfer to change the shape and size of the breasts. The technique has also been known to restore one’s breast volume.

In addition to these benefits, breast augmentation surgery is often used by women to change the way their breasts look after they have lost a significant amount of weight or after going through a pregnancy. In this way, the breasts receive a more rounded shape and any visible asymmetry can be corrected to give a more natural and well-contoured appearance.

A breast augmentation surgery is the perfect solution for women who want to improve the look of their breasts by improving their size, restoring their fullness, and making them more symmetrical to the rest of the body. If you have recently undergone a mastectomy and experience a lack of confidence and feelings of insecurity, this procedure can help you feel better about your body and restore your sense of femininity.

It’s important to note that a breast augmentation is not an ideal solution for sagging breasts. If you’re in need of perkier, and more youthful breasts, you will need to undergo a breast lift to accomplish that. This surgery can work in tandem with breast augmentation to improve the look of saggy breasts and provide for more youthful contours.

Are You a Good Candidate

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for breast reduction surgery and any individual who wants to undergo the procedure should schedule a consultation with an experienced surgeon to learn more about the desired qualifications. As this procedure is one that is deeply personal, the individual needs to be sure that they are doing it for themselves alone.

Situations where a woman feels as if her breasts are not large enough, or they feel misshapen or asymmetrical, or even a situation where one’s self confidence has degraded should consider undergoing the surgery. It is important to be in good general health and ready to follow any surgical instructions given to you. You will also need to have realistic expectations about the results you achieve.

What You Need To Know About Breast Augmentation Surgery

The first thing you need to do is ensure that you have screened enough doctors during your research in order to find someone who is perfect for you. The ideal doctor should be someone with a proven track record of success, and once you have found them, you should be prepared to discuss in depth the details of your procedure.

The amount of time it will take for you to recover depends on how intensive the surgery was. Immediately after the surgery, you will be transferred to a postoperative care room. Here, your breasts will be dressed and as elastic bandage or support bra will be placed on top of gauze to keep the breasts in place. Once you are stable, you will be allowed to go home, but there are instructions that you must adhere to. If you experience any discomfort during the recovery process, your doctor will prescribe medication that will help ease it away.

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If you’re not satisfied with the size of your breasts, an augmentation procedure may be exactly what you need. Contact our office to set up a consultation with Dr. Gregory Stagnone, a board-certified plastic surgeon, to learn more.

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